SEM 2 Approach


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This semester I plan to explore the idea of death and how it relates to funeral rites and ritual.  I also plan to explore aspects of collecting and archiving objects.  My aim is to bridge the boundary between inviting aspects of beauty and edginess/roughness. Criticism from my residency was expressed towards how the “perfection and beauty” of my work did not convey the irony and plight of my subject matter.   My subject matter is leaning more strongly towards the boundary between humans and the environment, and as I navigate this topic I am focusing on how plastics are infecting the oceans and hindering the livelihood of different species worldwide.   I will take these expressions from students and faculty into consideration, and seek to mediate the didacticism that is inevitable when dealing with a global social and/or political  “issue.”

My mentor is known for his documentary, “Journey to Midway,” which focuses on the plight of seabirds who nest on Midway Island.  Chris Jordan’s archival documentation of work interests me, as I have also been exploring the idea of implicating myself in my work in photographic documentation.  I plan to document my travels in the form of travel logs, as well as document my consumption of plastic as an everyday citizen.  Also, Jordan’s advice is, I feel, crucial as I contend with emotional heaviness that is indicative of exploring such troubling subject matter.  Peter Rostovsky advised me to explore Freud’s notions of melancholy and mourning.  I think this will round out my work subtly, and help me explore perhaps a global emotion that exists as we see aspects of our world seemingly fall apart at the seams.


I plan on researching the connection of man and nature, but as it has been “redefined” by global social/political/environmental influences.


Toby Kaduri, Hilary Berseth, Kiki Smith, Mark Gober, Tim Hawkinson, Tim Morton, Nina Katchularian, Allan McCullom, Natalie Jerenijenko, Linda Fitzgibbon, Diana Thater, Pierre Huyghe, Sarah Sze, Eve Larame, Tony Craig, Matthew Richie, Herman Devries, Rosamond Purcell, Evelyn Rydz, Sue Ryan, Alexis Rockmann, Mandy Barker, Max Liboiron, Fran Crowe.

“Living Through the End of Nature” Paul Wapner, “Thing Theory” Bill Brown, “Vibrant Matter” Jane Bennet, “Visions of Excess” Georges Bataille, “Speculative Turn” Anthology (various authors including Bruno Latour), “Return of the Real” Hal Foster, and books on funerary rites and rituals around the world.  I also plan to explore books that emphasize positivity and hope, such as “World as Lover, World as Self” Joanna Macy.


Aug 1 – Residency Summary (3-4 pages)…I will discuss conflicting ideas discussed during residency, culminating in several directions that my work can take over the ensuing semester. I will outline my chosen books, potential exhibitions I plan to attend, and artists whom I have elected to study.

Sept 1 – Critical Theorry II Readings paper (3-5 pages)
Oct 1 – TBD
Nov 1 – Open Topic Research Paper (3-5 pages)…
Dec 1 – Semester Summary (3-5 pages) Accomplishments listed and self-evaluation of both Studio and Academic work over the semester. Plans for the following semester, updated artist statement, and bibliography will be included.


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