Images from the prelim install

Here are some images from the studio install. After an initial collapse a month ago, the edges of the aluminum ring were fortified and the nylon strings that attach to the hub were re-tied. I ran into another problem with composition (I always have to battle my paintings so why would this be any different) a week ago, but fixed it by adding three untouched mylar panels to the back of the room. I am pleased with the result. I will be more excited when this moves into an appropriate space in Cambridge next month. My studio is 15 x 15 and this piece is 12 x 12….it’s like I just popped opened a can of Pillsbury biscuit dough and haven’t separated the biscuits yet.

Last week I spent 43 hours in my studio and another 30 working my part time job. After a few days of sleeping, I returned to the studio and really felt pleased. I really did make a world in which to grieve, and the longer I stood in it, the more I realized what that meant to me, not only on a researching/artistic level, but on a personal level. Art really is my therapy and this took me to a whole new state of being. I was stuck being a painter, and was stuck being a lot of things, in a lot of ways. And now…. not so stuck. Not at all.

Super pleased.



The Relentless Memorial:

Environmental Melancholia and Collective Social Mania

This paper covers my research into Environmental Melancholia and what I call “Collective Social Mania.” I believe these two pathologies are linked to an endless cycle of consumerism. This is a behavioral response, and so I believe that only an appropriate behavioral counter-response can hope to mediate this destructive cycle. Furthermore, I believe artists and artworks play a vital role in mediation.

The artwork that goes with this paper will be completed in December 2015 and displayed in Cambridge, MA in January 2016. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at This paper cannot be reprinted or published without my permission. 

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I would like to extend a special thanks to my mentors Christopher Jordan, Erica Blumenfeld, and Rebecca Didomenico. Thank you to my incredibly smart MFA advisors, Deborah Davidson, Peter Rostovsky, and Anthony Apesos, as well as the entire superb teaching staff at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. I would like to thank my family and friends who stood by me during the roughest time of my life. Finally, this paper is dedicated to my late father, Jared Lynn Rosburg, who told me to study hard and see it through.