Images from the prelim install

Here are some images from the studio install. After an initial collapse a month ago, the edges of the aluminum ring were fortified and the nylon strings that attach to the hub were re-tied. I ran into another problem with composition (I always have to battle my paintings so why would this be any different) a week ago, but fixed it by adding three untouched mylar panels to the back of the room. I am pleased with the result. I will be more excited when this moves into an appropriate space in Cambridge next month. My studio is 15 x 15 and this piece is 12 x 12….it’s like I just popped opened a can of Pillsbury biscuit dough and haven’t separated the biscuits yet.

Last week I spent 43 hours in my studio and another 30 working my part time job. After a few days of sleeping, I returned to the studio and really felt pleased. I really did make a world in which to grieve, and the longer I stood in it, the more I realized what that meant to me, not only on a researching/artistic level, but on a personal level. Art really is my therapy and this took me to a whole new state of being. I was stuck being a painter, and was stuck being a lot of things, in a lot of ways. And now…. not so stuck. Not at all.

Super pleased.