Artist Statement SP 2015

My artistic impulse emerges out of the intersection of the natural and the human-made world, drawing upon both a deep reverence and a deep concern. The reverence is for the beauty of the Earth’s limitless diverse species and complex networks of interwoven, highly evolved ecological environments. The concern is born from the instances where human and natural interactions are not copasetic, such as environmental exploitation, pollution, and lack of conservation.
Recently, I have investigated how the human psyche deals with grief and healing, and how the transformative power of creating symbols and metaphors may be way of processing difficult emotions and ambivalence. Accordingly, my research and artistic inspirations merged into a question: what are the implications of the psychological responses humans have to notions of a worldwide ecological collapse? A new branch of research, to which I am contributing, is broaching a new topic, one that argues that at this time in history, humanity’s single most relevant, under-examined and overarching dilemma is the collective global ambivalence and grief caused by widespread habitat loss. It is a condition now referred to as “environmental melancholia.”


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