Mylar Cutouts…

I have been experimenting with mylar cutouts this semester as I explore themes of melancholia, mania, and mourning. My paper has to do with symbols, and how we create symbols to represent something that is lost. In an effort to not be didactic or pedagogical, I am struggling with what the symbols are. My choice of materials (plastic mylar) represents the fascination I have with plastic in the environment. My imagery, so far, has evolved into bristly thorny vines and grape vines, as well as flowers. I want to abstract these more. What started as a single sheet of mylar evolved into being completely cut away, and the brambly mess remains.

I harken back to my time in Tennessee, witnessing the overgrowth of the invasive species, Kudzu. It was overwhelming, changing the landscape, blocking out details, changing environments. And yet it portrayed a manically repetitive beauty, as well as a virulent unstoppable madness. I like this.

I am interested in Aei Wei Wei and his backpack piece,and how it hides information. I have also been looking at Petah Coyne, Damien Hirst, and Eve Larame.

My first mentor, Rebecca DiDomenico, suggested I move from the wall onto the floor and it appears to be happening. I cannot cut fast enough, and am interested in what remains. We shall see. All of this could end up in the trash tomorrow. (Just kidding…you know how I feel about waste…)


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