Notes on sugar tests


Excellent golden amber color, medium hardness. Overall I’ve been most pleased with this. Pieces broke over a week, not happy.


Great color. Used a jewelry mold I had laying around. Also included a mylar cutout and a painted piece of mylar, both of which looked good. Problems with bubbles obscuring the clarity of the piece.


Yellow and red food coloring, added at the end with two packets knox gelatin. Gelatin clumped and looked like hell. Like the color, reads like actual amber….might be interesting to use with ants and seeds. Sugar is just as brittle when poured thin in these molds as the previous color. Very little clarity. Didn’t try to imbed anything and should’ve. The gelatin made it set up really fast.


Fuck this stupid pinterest idea that absolutely does not work. No registration and a horrible mess around my studio that I’m STILL cleaning up.


Attempted to pour into a bowl and shape while dealing with the other molds. The only good thing that came out of this was the fact that indeed, a thicker pour leads to a more structurally sound material. Thick clumps of gelatin from this same batch yielded a very unclear, messy opaqueness. Thicker pours of this color look less like amber than the previous pours thin in the molds. Might work if less red is added.


Pure sugar and karo syrup mix with drops of straight red food coloring added. No gelatin. The color might attract hummingbirds if more red is added, though this was already 3 drops. Extremely brittle, not sure why but mix felt kinda grainy after I poured it and messed with it with my hands. Also note: poured over a victorian frame (no photos) and it looked cool. White objects appear to be a nice contrast.
Thinking of pouring the candy over cast paper or printed images on rice paper to see what happens. A thick pour in a mold with nice little delicate features would look neat.
Dissolution of pink candy took a while. The gelatin combo took the longest. I might still look into a perfect combo for hard candy and gelatin, because if properly combined It would yield a more resilient, less breakable candy and the gelatin wouldn’t shrink. I don’t know how important this is though. No matter what, these pieces, as of yet, will have a hard time surviving any kind of transport. 😦


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